one crappy day

Discussion in 'Gateway Catfishing Club' started by biermann83, May 4, 2009.

  1. biermann83

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    Well guys the day started off as usuall. Off to work then home again. Then I decided to get out the bass boat and clean her up for shelbyville here in a couple weeks. To my amazement I found a family of mice living in it. Apparently they have been stealing food out of the dog bowels and storing it in there. They chewed the handles off a couple of my rods and left my bobber stash with nothing but sticks. Then to top it off I can't find my key. I only have one. It was in the boat when I got it winterized and now I can't find it. Knowing my luck they probally stole it and took it to there hiding place.:angry:
  2. CountryHart

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    I'll be waging war on rodents if they go to messin with my boat and tackle. Knawing holes in the house is understandable, even helping themselves to a little bread i can take, he chews up my rods, he's a dead rat.:angry: