One Big Mess

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by MRR, Jan 23, 2007.

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    Got a P /M from PK Pat Powellasking me to make a post for her. Right now things are a big mess shes sick so you know where she is spending a lot of time.:roll_eyes: anyway all kidding aside her husband Steve as most of you know has been trying to get his disability.H e goes to disability doc gets the papers for primary doc to sign,who says he don't have the tools for body measurments,goes back to disability doc takes his surgery papers with him .that doc puts things on the paper that won't allow him to get his disability.Says his neck is out of whack but can lift 30# but no climbing ,risk of falls.Mean while his lawyer keeps telling Steve he has to convince the doc to put the right things on the paper. Problem is right now the good ol doc is in Ariz till Thursday. Any of you who have been through this they are open to any and all suggestions.
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    that definately aint a good thing sorry I cant help but they are and have been in my prayers hope some other members might help them get to the bottom of this thing soon as i know they are hurting

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    i cant do much but i can pray for the powell family. i hope that you get better. :big_smile::0a26: :sad_2a: