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  1. Kevin N

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    We are thinking of relocating to the South Carolina area My wife and I have lived here in Arizona for almost 8 years we both has kids (older) liveing in Georga but I work in the dairy indestry in packageing plant there are a couple dairys in Anderson and a few in Charlston We are thinking of comeing out to see the state I have enjoyed catfishing here in AZ but my wife went it that collage with the funny looking dog and always talks about hartwell lake so she knows the area she want to see 4 seasons again here in Az we have summer and man is it hot out I came here from Alaska where we had cool summers and cold cold winters...
    I have fished here since the day we moved here and to date have yet to get any coworkers or friends that fish here everyone use to fish talk fish but have yet to find anyone i know that does fish..there are a few on line here. I am fairly new to catfishing but realy enjoy it and would like to try fishing with other in a turniment there is only bass turnies here any feed back on anderson and charlston would be great we are hopeing to beable to come after we get our taxes done we are on a tight $ budgit
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    Gaffney, SC
    Charleston is a great area. Its loaded with history and saltwater fishing.

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    Kevin also Charleston is located close to Santee Cooper which includes Lake Marion and Moultrie. They both have large catfish.
    Anderson is also close to Lake Hartwell which I understand has a lot of catfish.

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    Anderson, SC
    Anderson ain't bad. There isn't much going on up here except Hartwell. The cost of living would be considerbly less. But if it was me it would be nice to have Santee in my back yard.
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    charleston is nice, and expensive cost of living in comparison to anderson. charleston area has good catfishing(santee cooper system) anderson area has access to lake jocassee which holds state record for spotted, smallmouth, and redeye bass, brown and rainbow trout also lake hartwell holds state record for striper. If you want to have a variety of fishing opportunities i would say Anderson but if u like saltwater fishing charleston would be better(anderson is about 4-5 hours from ocean:big_smile: