On the Maumee River

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    Went out last night and the bite wasn't as good as earlier in the week.we still got 7 decent ones, biggest 1 was 10 lbs. was me and Randy (Impak209), and Mickey (Howie Ketchdem). the bite wasn't as good like I said but had good company. Sure beat all those nights I was going by myself.
    Details, the 10 pounder was caught on chicken liver, most of the rest were on cut bait or whole shad. water had dropped about 1 foot since we were out tuesday but is still considered up. Wind was blowing pretty hard and had a good chill to it. We were fishing on the bottom using at least 3oz of weight. I got there first, about 9:15 and had the 10 lber on the stringer when randy and mickey got there. Was lots of hits but few good grab and runs. By 2 the bite was definately done.
    Looks like the number of shad is decreasing by the day, Tues they were so thick you swear you could walk on em and not get your feet wet in the water, last night they were hard to spot. Had a hard time getting enough to use for bait using a cast net. Probly why the bite wasn't as good, they are getting full of shad.
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    Had alot of fun with joe and randy, couple of reel good guys who like to fish, cant wait for the next trip down that way mabye next weekend will be above freezing.lol fishing was good, company was even better. had a great time guys. thanks mickey.....

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    Yeah I hear it should be up in the 80's next week I hope so, The chill was definantly putting a little damper on the eveninig.
    nonetheless, it was a good time out, I know I'll be out again on Tuesday, so Joe I'll see you there and Mickey it was good meeting you we should definantly all get togeher again sometime.