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    There is a damaged plastic 90 degree elbow with a plastic hose coming from the elbow on this outboard. The hose is only 10" or so long and has a plug at the end. It got damaged by someone, not me, by placing the transom saver in the wrong location and then trimmed tight causing the damage. I couldn't find any info on it from my manual. I searched the web for info on this part and all I could find on it was that it's called a "tell-tale" elbow and hose? The info came from a parts source catalog, but there is no explanation of what it's for and what it does. This part is threaded into the front of the lower unit above the anti-ventilation plate. Any info much appreciated! Thanks, TNVOLCAT!
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    I would adventure to say that is where the speed-o-meter is getting its watrer from or where it hooks up to. The tell tell is up higher then that and its where the motor pees to indicate the water flowing from the pump.