Omni 2" glow light stick holder

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    As fall/winter approach glow lights become even more needed for those long night fishing trips..

    When I go catfish fishing I may go as long as 12-15 hours. Unfortunately, my 2" glow lights typically only last about 12 hours.

    In the past, I have just used a piece of electrical tape to hold the glow light on the rod tip but since the nights are longer I find I am needing to change the glow light out half way through the trip. I fish with a 9' rod and naturally the weakest part of the rod is the tip so I hate applying and having to take off the tape...I always feel like I am going to break my rod...

    I decide to try to find another way to attach the glow stick lights to the rod tip....

    I rummaged through the garage and found some old spark plug wires that work perfect. Now this spark plug wire is the part thats snaps onto the distributor cap. The boot is from the wire sets that you have to cut and crimp together...I am not using the portion of the boot with the metal insert I cut that portion off. I use the portion the wire would be routed through...the wires are from a chevy 350.

    I used electrical tape to hold the plug wire boot to the rod and it only takes a second to change out the glow stick...

    Initially, I was worried about the line tangling on these holders but thats has not happened....yet!

    I have attached a couple pics for you all to look at...enjoy...

    good luck and good fishing!!!