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    Anybody watching any Olympic coverage? I watched some last night and was in awe of the US team the 4x100m freestyle swim relay. The announcer gave the US no chance, and it looked that way near the end with the trash talking French world record holder anchoring his team with about a body length advantage on the US's Jason Lezak. Lezak caught the world record holder and out touched him at the wall to win by .08 seconds and they broke the World record by around 4 seconds. It was really amazing and goes to show that emotion is always a factor but never a statistic. No matter if you're a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, or if you eat or release your catfish, we all can be proud of our country's Olympic athletes and the sense of pride and patriotism they provide us every 4 years.
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    been trying to watch as much coverage as possible. that was awesome seeing the 4x100meter relay. I was yelling to see that the American team won the gold!! I believe the French team was chomping on their words saying that "they were going to Smash the Americans!" lol YEP! proud to be an American!!:wink::big_smile: