Oldest Deer Hunter

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    104 year old Otto Shaw enjoyed this year's deer season as he has every season for more than half a century. Otto bought his first hunting permit in 1944; he was 48 at the time. Although Otto is the oldest, there are five other Missouri deer hunters over 95, and 769 hunters 80 or older.

    Otto relies on his son Bill, at a youthful 75 years old, to help him each deer season. Otto prefers still hunting alone and has a ground-level blind that will accommodate a wheelchair. He also carries a whistle to signal Bill.

    "I'm gonna hunt again," he insists. "I'm gonna get a big one. This old buck has so many antlers, he looks like he has a brushpile on his head." When asked about the secret of his lifetime success, Shaw says there are two things to remember: "You can't twist around; you have to be right still." And don't forget, he says, "they can smell you."

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    I hope he gets a big one this year............