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old St. Croix model# 7306 5' 6''

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Does anyone know anything about this rod.
It is 5-6, it has a wooden handle, white fiberglasss, and is a casting rod. .... That is all I know about it and that I paid 3$ for it.
Figured I would ask here before I contacted St. Croix about it. I have googled it and came up blank.
Thanks in advance,
David Frantz
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Is it a Fly rod I know St. Croix makes fly rods and it sounds like a short one at that.
I would bet it is not a fly rod.
Yes they do make fly rods but this is more like a surf rod. but only 5 foot 6 inches.
I would say it is more like a Muskie rod which they made in lengths from 4 foot to 5 foot 6.
It has about a 24 inch handle made of all wood very nice wood too. Looks sun bleached but not cracked.
And the placement for the reel is just like that of a surf rod, apx 6 inch from top of handle.
When looking on their website they make reference to the Muskie rods but they call them by a different model#/series.
Here is from their site on the muskie rods........

1957 Dedicated Musky Rods: Available in 4'6", 5' and 5'6", the Premier™ Model 200 was intended specifically for musky hunters of the day. Made of solid fiberglass for the stoutest of freshwater fish, old-timers dug into their wallets for $14.95 to hit the water with one of these bruisers. The number of muskies caught proves the Model 200 was worth it.

... that is the closest I can find on this rod.

I am wondering if maybe this is a later version of these poles.
could be i didnt know they made muskie rods sounds like a great purchase for 3.00 no matter what it is.
OK..... I got the scoop on this rod from the St. Croix factory.
It was made for 4 years. From 1971 til 1975 and was made as a boat pole. They said it is indestructable but I have doubts. It retailed for 10$ in the 70's and the gent said it would be of interest to most if not all rod collectors.
David Frantz
Cool, I have one St. Croix rod it's an 8 foot Classic Cat. It's one of the best rods I've ever used. A 40lb flathead just puts a nice curve in it, you can tell it would take alot more to double it over. But the tip is sensitive enough that you can see the bluegill start to get nervous when a cat gets close to it.
I am amazed at the level of service St. Croix gives for their products.
For example. If you send them a rod they made they wil redo the eyes and tip for only $5 per. and a $20 handleing fee which includes return postage.

I am unsure if I want to restore this rod or hang it on the wall as a collectable. What are y'alls thoughts on this........ fish with it or hang it on the wall?

David Frantz
I say fish with it what good would it do on the wall besides collect dust.
could you take a few pics of that rod i would like to take a look at it.
A buddy of mine has one of those rods given to him from a long gone unkle or something like that.
They used it for shark fishin, like he still does, its a great grouper rod too. He has an old Penn on it although I don't know which one he has.

I'd fish with it, those old poles are better than alot of new ones.
Does it have a detachable wooden handle? My favorite uncle had one in the early 60's that was about 5'6"He had another blank custom made up for it that was 9' long. He used it for big cats as well as saltwater for many years, & I believe my cousin now has the rod. They were great rods!
The guy from St. Croix said it was detachable but I have never taken it off. So yes it is I will take some pics of it later today. But first I have to mow the yard and go spray some cabinets so monday will go as planned. Check back later today for pics.
David Frantz
Here are some pics.


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And one more pic.

The wood handle is in great shape. The only "repairs" it is in need of are the eyes and the tip. They made this rod with 2 different types of eyes. They were stainless or chrome plated something or another. This one has the plated kinds and they are chiped and rusted. The thread that holds the eyes on is in pretty good shape I would think for a pole that is over 30 years old. It would be useable as is with the exception of the eye on the tip is broken and apears that there was an atempt to do some ******* engineering on it with a souldering gun. Which did not work.


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You have 2 choices, keep a good rod in origional condition as a collector's item, or have all of the eyes replaced.
I suggest stainless, cause they are more resilient, of course fixin it up makes a great rod but not as good an investment.

The chips on the plating on the other guides will damage line, mono gets abraided slowly, while braid will shred and break quite quickly.

I agree the tip is trashed.

Good luck on your project, I have seen those exact rods in action and they are great boat rods for heavy weight fishin.
My decision would be easier if I had some idea of what it was worth as a collectable. I have enough rods so it is not "needed" in my opinion but I think it would be a great rod to use none the less.
Yep, that is just like the rod my uncle had! He caught lots of fish on his & even after having the 9' tip made for he I believe he ended up prefering the shorter one. That was a great find. Good luck with it. Personally I would fix it up and just use it, as from your description of the eyes & tip it shouldn't have a lot of collector value. JMO.
griz, You sure are right about those St Croix Classic Cat rods. I own an eight footer as well. It is by far My favorite catfish rig. The other sweet thing about that quick tip is the way it loads the rod to fling a bait, almost effortless. It might just be me but, I feel I throw off fewer baits with this rig then with the others I own. Nice cork handle, (foam wears out too quick) tough line guides, great action what more do ya want. I've got mine rigged with an abu 7000 I just love it!!! what kinda reel did you put on yours??? :cool:
I used to manage the hunting & fishing dept at a local sporting goods chain store in Ohio called All About Sports. I dealt w/ St Croix all the time. By far the best company I have ever dealt with in the fishing business. I actually was offered a job there (nothing fancy, just a warehouse thing) but moving from Ohio to Wisc when I was 19 didtnt sound too good. They really stand behind their products. :D
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