Old Sears Outboard

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by riverdawg-1, Mar 7, 2007.

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    One of the guys I fish with was given an ol;d Sears motor. Its 7.5 hp and appears to be from the 70's, The top cover has been replaced but it looks like what i've seen called Ted williams model. It is air cooled. Does anyone know the fuel mix ratio-50-1?
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    The Sears air cooled motors were made by Eska and were pretty good running little motors. I had the fifteen horse model and it would really scoot. Too bad that there are now ZERO new parts availible for them unless you can find some old NOS parts on ebay. There are a couple of guys selling old Eska parts on the web, but they have little of anything left and none of the common parts like coils and such. Too bad though, I really liked those little Eska/Sears/ Ted Williams Gamefisher motors. By the way Techumseh made the powerheads for Eska so maybe, (just maybe) they might have a part or two left or could tell you the exact fuel oil ratio for your motor.

    I never knew the actual recommended fuel oil ratio myself, but I ran mine at 40:1 and never once had a problem.