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    I've recently met a couple of "Old Big MO" river rats that are in their 90's and took the opportunity to pick their brains. Both are in excellent health and still fish every time they get the chance.
    From the moment I mentioned fishing the Missouri I saw a twinkle of confidence in their eyes.

    One has fished for blues most of his life...He remembers the 52 flood. So, I began my 1000 question assault...hehe. Where's the best place to fish for big blues? Well, this gentleman always fishes the current side of the river. He says to imagine where the rocks end and try to put the bait right there. He likes using cut shad and loves the fishing best in November, but catches blues whenever he can get on the river. During the spring, when he can catch greenies, he always has a live greenie on one pole. What about flatheads, I asked. Oh, I catch flatheads too...and nice ones...but I'm fishing for blues. You got to be much more patient for big blues. So what do you do if you do not catch them on the current side? Well...he paused...if that's the case, I go to the upper side of wing dams and fish the upper holes...the blues like the upper side of wing dams almost never caught one on the lower side. There was a reverenced silence as I paused the assault and pondered whether or not I should ask him to go with me some time...I think I will ask him, no it's too soon...he barely even knows me. Maybe someday.

    Old Rat number 2...What kind of fishing do you like to do on the Missouri? I like fishing with minnows and nitecrawlers and green worms when I can get them. Green worms? Yes...I get them by the dozens in the mud around rocks mostly on the current side of the river...channel cats love em. I fish with a bobber about 18 inches deep around wing dikes...just let it swirl out there. What do you catch? Well, I catch crappies, channels, smallies, walleye just whatever decides to bite...you never know with minnows...those river crappies can be 13 to 14 inches. I even catch some big bluegills every now and then...bluegills in the Missouri, I asked? Oh yeah..and goodens...my wife likes catching them. He painfully struggled to pull out his wallet and proudly showed me his fishing partner for 60 years.

    The sharing of information is what keeps the passion of fishing alive. I have been inspired in a way that has escaped me for 20 years...I can only hope to experience a portion of what these two old men have experienced while fishing the Big Mo. in their lives. I think that is what makes this site so special and I'm humbled to be a part of it...thank you Catfish1.com.
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    First of all Welcome to the BOC. Just like your experience with the oldtimers, there are a ton of brains to be picked here. Answers are just a post away.

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    Welcome to the BOC Jimmie. Good post. I like to pick the old timers brain also. A lot of knowledge to be found.
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    Welcome to the BOC from Kentucky and thank you for the post
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    Welcome to the BOC , Enjoyed your story Thanx Pat
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    Good post. I always like it when they start out with, before all of all that fancy stuff you got there, we used to tie a string on our big toe,thumb, or whatever. Yeah the Ole boys have got something to say, if you take time to listen. Later Andy
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    Ya I envy the old timers. I always wanted to be the old guy in the movie(Grumpy Old Men) that sits by the river all day and eats a pound of bacon.Just tryin to catch that big ol catfish..........:0a32:
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    Welcome to the BOC Jimmy. Ya can't beat ole folks, they done lived and seen what works and what don't. My best friend is 17 years older than me but loves to hunt and will walk me in the dirt if i'm not hookin up.