Old lock and dam trip

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    Well went out this morning to the Old Lock and Dam off of hwy 167. I got there just after daylight and got my poles out. The smaller poles I set with chicken livers and chunk bait. My two big cat rods I set out after I caught some bream to put on them. I got a couple hits but no takers.

    There were some really big fish hitting the surface. I'm not sure what all of them were but I hope they were big blues. I did see one fish hit the surface and recognized it as a gar but, I don't think all of the fish that were hitting the surface were gar. They didn' t hit the surface in the same way.

    Any way that got my hopes up that I might catch a good one down there some day but I guess it wasn't meant to be this day.

    I only tightlined off the bottom today. I didn't take any bobbers with me but, next time I will and fix one rod with a bobber and fish one on the bottom.

    That's all I have to report for now I'll post some pics of my location later.
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    Shelbyville, TN
    Good luck in the future brother, keep us posted

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    put in at moro bay last sunday n rode up to the lock at calion. got there bout 8am n fished till about 11:30am before it got too hot. no monsters but we caught n released 13 blues (2-8lbs) and 5 flathead (4-10lbs). bout half on cut shad and half on bream heads. caught a few skipjack bout 10am n switched over to using them n only got two bites, but i think that was mainly because it had gotten so hot by then. seemed like they were lettin more water thru there than normal n they were piled up below the spillway