Old Hickory last night..11/30

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    My buddy and I set out yesterday eve to fish near the Steam Plant and had no an interesting night. Kevin...you are right on with your last post about being prepared for winter time fishing. We were both prepared for the cold. We put in at Flippers and went up river to the skimmer wall and fished. Its a good fifteen min boat ride in my boat. We are use to fishing that area and we are familiar with that stretch of river. Well about 830 the fog set in on the river and we did not know how thick it was because where we were we could see fairly well because of the full moon. We stayed another 30 mi or so and decided to leave. Got off the wall and in the boat and proceeded out into the main part of the river and we lost sight and direction of everything. The spot light did nothing for us. I was able to see the tips of tree tops and a light here and there from the houses off to the left. I did not have a gps so the only thing I new to do was keep an eye on the depth finder, keep it in the channel and go slow. Well we finally made near the Coles ferry area and lost sight of any lights and tree tops because it opens wide in that part of the lake. I knew then to stop and turn around try to make it to the coles ferry boat ramp and hope to catch someone home to get a ride to Flippers. The fog was so thick I was not going to chance the ride down to Flippers. We could not see 5ft in front of us. Made it to the ramp and was able to catch an older gentleman home and he gave me a ride to get my truck and trailer. I aplolgized for the intrusion into his eveing as I got out of his truck and he looked at me and thanked me for knocking on his door. He said " I would have rather given you a ride tonight than read about you guys in the paper the next day".
    We finally made it home and did catch a few keeper cats. Any of you guys that like to fish after dark take a gps with you. Fog is no joke.
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    Sorry for your luck and we are glad that you were smart enough to turn around and then ask for help, I love my lowrance depth finder with gps it is sweet set up.

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    Oh yeah, it was foggy up here the next morning Dec 1. It's about a half hour drive to Melton Hill Dam where I fish, but that morning it took about 45 minutes to get there due to being slowed by the fog. When I got there, it was right before daylight and I could see enough to tie knots because the place is lit up well. But I couldn't see my bait hit the water after I cast, so I didn't really know exactly where I was fishing until the fog lifted.

    I've been in some scary situations driving a car in the fog, but never on the river. Glad you got out of there safely, cattracker, but I'm sorry you didn't get to fish very long. :sad2:
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    Fog is no joke. A couple of years ago I put in at Saunders Ferry boat ramp. The fog came outa no where couldn't see a thing. So I told the guy with me, I know this area I will just ease out into the channel and get to my first hole. Well we eased around for about 25- 30 mins. Hadn't quite made it to my hole yet. Well ease around and around and around I did. After 30 mins with no site of land the first thing I saw was the boat ramp I had started from. We dropped anchor and fished from that spot till it cleared.
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    Read this thread that I posted in October.

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    Yeah I know how that fog is up there on Old Hick also.I experinced last year during the Xmas holidays.Was up in the plant area fishing and then came out on the main river.Oh me it was thick out there.Think it was the slowest ride I hade ever made from Steam Plant to Flippers.I just got the Humingbird Sidescan at the time and it quit working and my handheld batteries went down so I was running bouys when I could see them with my spotlight.
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    Glad to hear ya caught fish.