old grandad and groundhog

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    first if you have access to a groundhog. its a wonderfull bait. sounds sick but its my dads favorite. it always works and in ohio there are plenty of them.

    my dip bait taught to me by my uncle.
    1 pint of old grandad(100 or 151 if you can get it)
    2lbs of cheap hamburger
    cotton stuffin from an old pillow
    ansie seeds or liquid ansie
    garlic powder.

    mix burger,cotton and ansie and garlic powder in a bowl make sure its mixed good. poor in the old grandad(use the cheap stuff no sense in wastin good whiskey) allow to sit in fridge over night. it makes a weird paste and you just spin your hook in it.the cotton holds it on great it works great in rivers.
    Good luck