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Old Catfish Pictures

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I always save all the pics of big cats or old pictures and before i save a few to disc i thought i'd post a couple on the board to share that i found. Most of the time i don't post them because i'm afraid they may of been posted. Hope you like.


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That looks like what my gandpa calls the GOOD OLE DAYS.
Cool pictures.
Thanks for sharing. I always like to look at old photos like that since I have none of my own...not
yep. those are some cool pic's. big old fish.
when were they taken, do you know?
Great pics, those were some monster cats.

Great pics Three Rivers, thanks for posting.
makes you wonder how many of those monsters were around " back in the day" Must of been a hell of a lot of them. Abilines post has a quote Mark twain once saw a 250 lb catfish. What I had read about mark twain is he went to the local fish market in st louis and seen several cats of that size. I believe commercial fishermen have probaly caught the vast majority of the mosters of the good ole days. It/s really sad, all we can hope is that we can catch one of those 100 plus cats in our life time I dont believe theirs any 200 pounders left :sad:
that was a great post three rivers thanks!

yes patrick,it is sad to think what we must have done to the jean pool. maybe all cat men will get smarter about killing large fish in the future.

C.P.R. for the generations!

Danny those are great pics, and as I read your post, I thought "Uhoh, here comes the CPR police."

While it's true in this day and age that CPR is more of a common practice, many fishermen have the opportunity to do this. They can drive down to the local grocery store for dinner. They don't have to depend on what they hunt and catch to feed their families, and don't have to grow their own food in their gardens. Obviously, there were camera's in those times, but imagine the size of them! How many fishermen do you imagine lugged those giant camera's down to the river banks, with the thought, "I'm just going to take its picture, then toss it back in".

No, I think they thought, these fish will feed us for a good long time. Just keep in mind that things were different then, the same as they will be different several generation from now. Enjoy the luxury of CPR, and teach your kids to do it, educate other people if that's your thing. But don't lose sight of the folks that fished and hunted to survive. ;)
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