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    Didnt know where else to put this. Ive used old carpet to kill weeds and keep ground clean until time to put in the garden. What Im wanting to know is if anybody else has done this. Ive been thinking about laying old carpet around my pond to kill the weeds and also to walk on. Is there some things I need to know about or is this a good idea to do. I figure the worst is snakes may live under it but Im always running in to em anyways so might as well.
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    I use and old piece of carpet, soaked with water to keep my worm bed cool on hot days. As it rots, the worms actually eat it! My next plan is to put drip hose on top so it stays moist! I imagine that you could use carpet as a type of mulch! I have also had spouts start in the carpet which might be useful as a medium in some type of hydroponic setup!

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    sounds good, just don't do it near a dam area as when everything dies the roots all rot and the dirt can then wash out and cause a dam leak. any ground holding back water is aided by root structure. go for it, it could make a nice path. I don't know if this could harmful but I know a guy that sprinkled concret mix on the ground to harden his path.
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    I like the worm bed idea, I'll have to use that one:smile2:
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    carpet is good for just about everything if yer pond was to spring a leak usually it will drain down to the opening if you catch it after a good rain put dye around the edges and watch for the water to clear in the leak you can manage to find it dig it out stuff a peice of old carpet in poor concrete on it and throw some dirt back over it and yer leak will be no more. you can take two peices the same size and make a sandwich with coffee grounds inbetween put it in yer worm bed wet down and wait a few days lift the top layer off and have worms with no digging the same thing works with a grass sack filled with a layer of coffee gruonds ,i also keep some old peices in my garage i hate laying on the ground getting all dirty plus it helps soak up anything that might spill and makes a nice clean place to store the tools yer useing ,you can also nail it to the walls of yer garage for sound proofing as well as a insulater its also wind proof, ive also used shredded carpet pad for worm beding good luck guys