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  1. johnboy

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    Columbia SC
    Went to Monticello and braved the winds for a while yesterday....managed 3 small ones...the wind was fishable but cold...but anyway...

    I went with the inteniton of catching perch/bream there...I usually load up on herring but I wanted to really try this perch thing...wanna know how that turned out...NOT TOO GOOD!
    I had the sibiki rig tipped with worms....fished around islands...on humps...nata.....had to resort to the ol stink bait......that always works...I have caught the occasional perch on cut herring...but I really want to get better at this as I seem to catch more bigguns on them perch....did i just hit em on a bad day yesterday or am I missing something here.....thanks in advance for the tips....see yall at the lake

  2. kbdeepwater

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    I fished Monty for 11 hours on Sunday. The wind was rough most of the day. We drifted the length of the entire lake and anchored in several areas. We caught 1 small fish all day. I also tried to catch some perch. I didn't plan on it before hand so I had no worms. I tried a sabiki rig with some small pieces of herring on the hooks. No Luck. I am new to that lake and have caught a few nice blues...so I know they are there. So far, it has been a tough lake to figure out. Good luck. Keep trying.

  3. RiverratSC

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    Gaffney, SC
    I usually use the sabiki rig in the shallows around sand bars to catch white perch.............granted it doesn't always work.
  4. Patmansc

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    Pat Chaney
    I've been told that it's tough to catch perch this time of the year - that they should be back to normal in a month or so. I fished Greenwood last week, and normally have no problem catching a mess'o perch, but all I could manage was 4 all day.
  5. wylie catter

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    I have yet to catch a perch down there. I have had a sabiki rig or two out a lot of times while drifting. I just figured I was doing something wrong.