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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by alton, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. alton

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    I purchased two Okuma Solaris Surf 12' casting rods a couple years ago. Last year in a mild fit of rage I broke the top half trying to pull free from the 20th snag of the day. I am now glad I at least had the sense to keep the bottom half.
    I really like the rods and they now sell for aroung $100.00. So I needed to find a top half, and decided to call Okuma to see if they could help me out.
    I called Okuma and the rep was great and I had the top half ordered in about 60 seconds. I received the top half in 4 or 5 days packed very well in a shipping tube.
    The best part was the 6' top half cost was $11.00 and the shipping was $13.00. I just thought I would pass on this info.
    I also need to thank Mark Edwards for Okuma's number.
  2. mrmarkedwards

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    I'm happy to hear it worked out for you! the last time i called them i sent a reel to them and they told me instead of rebuilding mine they'd send me a new one and i'd pay the shipping cost so i got a new eb-80 for 13 dollars! gotta love them!

  3. Mickey

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    I have never owned any Okuma equip. but your comments on service/replacement will make me look their direction when I buy again. Thanks.
  4. john catfish young

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    Last year I purchased 2 Okuma reels. The biggest spinning reel I have ever owned. It is the ABF90 and holds 330 yrds of 30# mono or 590 yrds of 20# mono. I really like it, it is a monster! Also , I purchased the classic pro baitcaster and it holds the same amount of lines and it is smooth. I have them both on 10' rods and they are ready to tangle with some monster cats!:cool2: