Okuma reels and Berkley Glowstick rods

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  1. PaJay-p

    PaJay-p Guest

    I'm selling all of these toys together and I won't split them up.
    2 Okuma Avenger 300L Reels
    2 Okuma Classic 300L Reels
    2 10ft. Medium Heavy Berkley Glowsticks
    2 8ft. Medium Heavy Glowsticks

    All 4 Reels Have brand new Berkley Big Game Hi-test electric green 40lb. mono.

    The one 10ft. Glowstick Has some bad eye repair work done on two guides. It was stepped on and fixed on the water in the dark in a boat.The other three rods are like new.

    I am asking $120.00 plus shipping and handling. Once again selling everything together.The 2 Classic 300L's are brand new never used and the Avengers are in excellent condition.

    There probably won't be a mad rush for this but it's whoever PM's me first is the buyer.The only reason I'm selling these is because I fell in love with the Team Catfish Rods.

    I will except reasonable offers, Just remember there is $120.00 in rods and $140.00 in reels.

  2. PaJay-p

    PaJay-p Guest

    Here are some pictures they are not real good because I had to use my cell phone.

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  3. PaJay-p

    PaJay-p Guest

    These rods and reels are sold.
    Thanks again
  4. welder350

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