Okuma Or Abu...which One For Both Fresh And Salt Do U Prefer?

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  1. da-cajun-angla

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    IN THE GULF WE HAVE CATFISH CALLED SAILFIN, OR GAFFTOPS. THERE IS ONE PARTICULAR PLACE OUT OF SOUTH PASS WHERE U CAN LITERALLY MALL THESE THINGS ALL DAY NONSTOP ALL THE TIME. BEAUTIFUL CATFISH AND THE BEST TASTING CATFISH IVE EVER TASTED! WHITE FLAKY MEAT...ANYWAYS, WE NORMALLY USE SPINNINF REELS, BUT I WANT A OPEN FACE. I Told My Dad I Was Going Buy A Abu For One Of My New Rods...he Shrugged And Told Me No To...the Next Day He Showed Up With A Bad-ass Brand New Okuma Reel (i Love My Dad) For Me...i Think The Thing Is Though, Ya'll Do All Freshwater Fishin' Up There, And Here We Might Use The Same Flathead Rigs To Catch Snapper In The Gulf Or Vice-versa, And I Do Know Okuma To Be Offshore Fishing Equipment...it Sure Does Look More To Be Able To Tolerate Saltwater And Corrosion...what Ya'll Think?
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    I have an Okuma that is smooth as silk. It gets terribly abused with fish slime, dirt, worms, etc and functions fine. I wish I would have gotten a slightly larger one, however, because it does not hold too much line. I get about 75 yds of spiderwire on it, 30 lb test. If I get hung up really good and break it near the rod, I don't have much left to fish with. But I think the overall quality is really ok. I got mine new on ebay.

  3. Fry Guy

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    I would have to take my Okuma just because it's larger and can hold more line.
  4. Aftercats

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    I just picked up a couple of ABU Garcia 6500C3s and so far I love the size for working the river up here in Tennessee. Let me know how you like that one and I will compare on these.

  5. old poot

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    I use a Great White for salt water ,a 6500 for redfish,and if you want a hoss for snapper use a garcia 9000 or 10000 all three will work for what you want:big_smile:
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    I love a abu my self. Have 3 and wanting more.

    As far as salt water, I go down to Dulac every year and all the guide uses for reds and all inshore fishing is abus. The key he said is that EVERY trip when he gets back he washes the rod and reel down with fresh water and sprays them down with spray lube. He said even with abuse he gives them they last and last.