Okuma CV45L Convector

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by mississippi man, Jan 15, 2007.

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    Godfrey, Illino
    The reel feel s great in your hands it has a lot of line capacity. When I'm reeling in it has a lot of cranking power it has the oversized handle and a great drag system for fighting the fish. The downside of this reel is that the clicker will not hold in the swifter water I fish the Mississippi, and find often that it doesn't hold in there, where some of the cheaper reels I have do. The spool drag is not very good either, when I throw heavier weights I use a lot of thumb. Again the cheaper reels I have don't require this. I have 2 of these and one has already required service after about 10 uses But the boys at Okuma where happy to fix it for free.
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    Glad to hear okuma stands behind their stuff. If your wanting to hold in current and still use your clicker Id recommend a lever drag reel. You will have to use your thumb though because they dont have a cast break. One thing i dont know if you tried is tighting up your cast break (spool drag) with your clicker on it will help but you have to reajust alot.