Oklahoma Wildlife Expo

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    I was looking around the Wildlife and Conservations website and found this.


    The special hands on hunter saftey course looks pretty cool. Not only because it is "hands on" but after completing the test there will be a drawing for a lifetime hunting lic. Pretty cool deal if you ask me.

    Last years lic winner totals were...

    1 Lifetime Hunting License was given away.
    3 Lifetime Combination Licenses were given away.
    4 Annual Combination Licenses were given away.
    5 Lifetime Fishing Licenses were given away.
    30 Annual Fishing or Hunting Licenses were given away.

    I will be sure to check this event out when it comes. After all it is free and it looks to be a whole lot of fun. I may have to bring the wife with me so I don't spend too much money though.

    David Frantz