Oklahoma Weather and Fishing

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    Well I got another spoonbill fishing trip planned for the weekend, and as usual the weather forcast is not the best.

    A friend from work is meeting me at the ramp with his boat and son, as I am going to loan them some snagging gear and teach them how to find and hook the spoonies.

    Anyway, today he sends me an email showing the forcast for 70% chance of rain with a high forcasted of 44 degrees and asked me if I was still going. I replied back with info he already knew; which was several weeks ago I drove around for several hours in 20 some degree weather during an ice storm trying to find a boat ramp that was not covered in a sheet of ice. I asked him if I was trying to go fishing in that weather, what makes him think that I would stay home this weekend :p

    Something I learned several years ago for outdoor activities in Oklahoma: Set the date and move forward, and take what ever weather you can get as it still beats the heck out of sitting home. Last weekend they had forcasted 20 something mph winds which makes for a rough day in my boat in big water, but we moved forward and I don't think the wind blew above 3 mph all day.

    Remember, if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, stay for an hour and it will probably change.