Oklahoma storm victims

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by fishnfwl, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Just hate seeing the storms going through and doing this type of destruction, I sure hope everyone gets through this Sending Prayers out to all the family's
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    It is somewhat funny that the local papers and broadcast stations refer to them as tornado's, while the national papers I've read calls them twisters. You get hit by one, it don't matter what you call it though. These people that lost their lives had a good 45 minute notice that a tornado was possible in their area, and except for the golf course, 10 to 15 minute warning it was on the ground. It formed over the golf couse and came down, so literally they had no warning.

    We can, and should, say prayers for the living victims but it's too late for the deaths. If they were not right with GOD, they are probably all ready covered with coal dust.

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    Prayers from dayton ohio