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Oklahoma Role Call

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If you are from Oklahoma, Please make a post here so we can determine if any of our Oklahoma Brotheren need assistance in making the transition to the new BOC format.
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i'm here - all i need is a profile pic.......everyone that is going to t-bird this weekend please check in on the gathering board - we need to know what kind of site to get - all tents, or is there some campers/trailers coming?
here ya go phil


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Loopdloop is here,anybody doind any good.
Present and accounted for. Different handle, same old me.
I'm here. Need to set up profile pic.
David Frantz
hey thanks, tony - let's see iffen i got it
I'm here. Made the transition and am still in the process of learning to navigate this great new site. Greetings Everyone!

Will try to get a profile picture up ASAP.

Larry (polecatter)

Keep on Castin.....Cattin!
Glad to know you all have made it. Let me know if you need assistance with adding your profile picture.
I'm here, but staying under the cooler to hot for me to fish
Reporting for duty SIR
Howdy All. Nice we finally got some rain.
Chris, isn't the rain wonderful? Now, if only I can get out and catch some cats.

Gosh, I believe I recognize each and everyone so far... Great to see you all again.
Well, I guess my post from yesterday did not make it. I am here also. Profile picture and all (I hope).
I'm here and soon hopefully I will actually be back in Oklahoma. I am flying in the weekend after next for a couple days to take that corrections exam but unfortunately won't have time to do any fishing as I have about one day to visit 2 or 3 dozen family members that I ain't seen in 3 years, lol.
oldprowler said:
Well, I guess my post from yesterday did not make it. I am here also. Profile picture and all (I hope).
Tom, This was post #18 and your other one was post #13.
:frk-big: Are you lost already?
1 - 20 of 131 Posts
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