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    well, this thread could be on the news board, or, if i said what i think, it could be in HI (or deleted), and i may get yet another warning of grave consequence from my friend dademoss for another copyright violation ( i didn't bother to check since it is news). this is but one more story in a long line of gestapo tactics from the Ok DHS........enjoy:angry:

    the DHS people behind this should be in jail....for a long time....talk about an orginization that is out of control!


    DHS paternity goof haunts Tulsa man
    By Randy Ellis Staff Writer Tulsa athlete Micheal Thomas swears he never met Lawton drug user Tiffany Dickson. Dickson says she never met him. That didn't stop the Oklahoma Department of Human Services from getting Thomas declared the father of Dickson's baby daughter and badgering him until he dropped out of college, forfeiting a football scholarship. It also didn't stop DHS from taking a portion of his biweekly paychecks and seizing his $290 state and federal tax refunds. "This is unbelievable. This is crazy,” said Thomas, 21, a former running back at Tulsa's Victory Christian School. It gets worse. Thomas took DNA tests that proved he wasn't the father, DHS records show. However, DHS continued to take money from his paychecks and refused to tell him the results, Thomas said. He said it wasn't until he got a lawyer that DHS stopped seizing money from his checks. Thomas still hasn't gotten his money back. Tulsa Attorney Billy Wiland III, who agreed to take Thomas' case without pay, said he has uncovered evidence that DHS filed untruthful reports with a Comanche County judge, who could have ended the bureaucratic mix-up. One report falsely claimed Thomas had "not responded to OKDHS letters, phone calls, or diligent search efforts” and had "not made any attempt to make contact with OKDHS.” The report was made at a time when Thomas had already taken two paternity tests and was having money withheld from his paycheck by the agency, Wiland said. Legal claim filedWiland has filed a legal claim with the state asking for $167,000 to compensate Thomas for the "intentional or reckless infliction of severe emotional distress.” Taxpayers ultimately could pay the tab. Richard Freeman, a DHS attorney, said the matter is under investigation. DHS spokesman George Johnson said the agency "is hopeful that this matter may be resolved short of litigation.” Wiland said the inexplicable naming of his client as the father and "blatant bureaucratic bullying” to which Thomas was subjected make him wonder whether Thomas was the victim of profiling. "Were these actions by DHS due to a prejudicial discrimination against Mr. Thomas ... due to the fact that Mr. Thomas is a young black male who might fit the role which they hope he will play?” Wiland asked attorneys for DHS. Thomas said an older friend told him the same thing happened to him 20 years ago. Thomas wonders how many other men have been falsely accused of being fathers by DHS and had money taken from their paychecks. Freeman said he doesn't believe it happens often or DHS' legal division would have received more complaints. ‘The wrong guy'Thomas' problems began March 31, 2005, when Dickson gave birth to a baby girl in Comanche County, records show. The baby was taken away by the state the next day after DHS reported both mother and daughter tested positive for cocaine and marijuana. DHS filed a report with a Comanche County judge in June 2005 that said Dickson did not know the father's last name. "Tiffany said that she knows his first name is Michael, but she is not sure of his last name,” the report said. "Tiffany believes that Michael is running from the law.” Reached by telephone at her mother's house in Hollis, Dickson told The Oklahoman that she told her DHS worker she thought the last name of the father was Thomas and that he lived in Lawton. "When I met him, see, I was on drugs really bad, so he might have gave me a fake last name,” Dickson, 27, said. "I know for a fact he has never lived in Tulsa. They have the wrong guy.”Even back in 2005, DHS had plenty of reasons to know they had the wrong man. A DHS report filed with a Comanche County judge in December 2005 stated that one of Dickson's relatives had said the purported father was in the Jackson County jail. The DHS worker reported she checked with the jail and was advised "Mr. Thomas was released Oct. 17, 2004.” The Oklahoman checked with a Jackson County jail spokeswoman and was told the jail did release a Michael Thomas on that date. The inmate's date of birth was May 21, 1967, which would have made him 37 when Dickson's daughter was born. The Micheal Thomas DHS falsely accused of being the father was only 18 when Dickson gave birth. He spelled his first name differently and lived 200 miles away. Shock; a bad car; a missed testThomas said he was "pretty much shocked” in the summer of 2005 when he and his mother got letters from DHS claiming he was the father of a baby he knew nothing about. "I just thought they got the wrong person,” he said. "I mean, there's a lot of Michael Thomases in Oklahoma and across the world.” Thomas said he had a phone conversation with a DHS official and agreed to take a DNA test. The worker said Thomas would receive details by mail. When the letter arrived, however, it said Thomas would have to travel to Lawton — 200 miles away — to take the DNA test. "I had a car, but the car wasn't in shape for me to be driving down to Lawton,” Thomas said. "Let alone, I had school that I was trying to take care of and I also was working a part-time job.” Thomas didn't go.
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    Seems to me that our society now bends over backwards for "children". I am really starting to build a resentment to our state legislature every time they start a session. All the bills that is filed for the poor teachers, the need to increase funding for education, to decrease class size, raise the salaries, but at the same time not holding the children, the parents, the teachers and school administrators responsible for a child's lack of learning. Then there is the court system which requires parents of delinquent teenagers to attend classes on parenting, and charging the parents $75.00 per session for what the lazy, belligerent kids do or don't do. Our society is sure getting worse every year.

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    I have to agree that there are some things that need to be addressed in our government.What it sounds to me is there needs to be more over site done with the DHS Dept.I hope nothing like this ever happens to me cause my wife will put me in the doghouse.
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    I truely believe Oklahoma DHS, does not care where they get the money, I have had personal experience with this issue, I believe I posted it in an earlier post.

    Here is what happened to me. In 2003, I was expecting 2500 from IRS for a tax return, paid extra money to get it earlier. I get a letter from IRS, stating that it was sent to Oklahoma DHS. I called the number on the letter and got an agency that now takes calls for them. Appears, we are paying 2 diffent people out of tax money to do one job. The first lady I talked to, after give her my Social Security number hung up on me, because she couldnt find anything on my Social Security number. It took me about 30 seconds to call back, and during that time, I got really upset, I got the same lady, go figure. I explained to her in terms she would understand that she didnt want to see me come down to their office. I told her she had better give me to her supervisor, immediately. She sent me to this other lady, which I highly doubt was nothing more than a little smarter flunkie, and after about 45 minutes on the phone, she found that DHS had put my SSN on another guys account. I told her she had two hours to get me someone from DHS, that could fix this problem. Well this lady called who was the Social worker for this lady who the guy was suppose to be paying the child support. Needless to say me and her by this time had some major difference. I told her she had 1 hour to get me someone on the phone who could tell me when I got my money back. After being accused of lying to her, I asked her if she would take a lawyers word for it. Well needless to say, I got a call from DHS finance. This lady told me I would have to wait until the 1st of the month to recieve my "DHS" check. I informed her I wasnt taking benifits from DHS, she had better get my money back that week, or it was going to turn real nasty. Needless to say I got my check in a week, and was assured by DHS, that my SSN number was removed from their system, and they would get ahold of the credit bureaus, and get my name cleared there also, I sent letters to them when I found the mistake and none would take it off I argued with them for 6 years on this.

    The year 2004 tax time, expecting about 2500 again. Again I get an IRS letter stating that my return went to the state for back child support. I dig out my paperwork and notes on who I talked to. I call the Social worker again, asked for her in person, I had 3 simple words for her, you did it again. I hung up on her, and call my state represenatives office, I went to high school with him and his brother who was in office before him. I told his secretary, I wanted to speak with Wes, she asked me he knew me and I said yes, she told me he wasnt in maybe she could help me. I told her the story, and explained to her what had happened in 2003, she couldnt believe it, I also gave her the lady's name and number, I had got into it with and the finance number and that ladies name:smile2:. She assured me someone would be calling me that day. 2 hours later, the first call I got was from the lady I got into it with. She said, "Well you didnt have to do that!". I simply told her, "I aint finished with you yet", and hung up. I then got a call from some credit bureau person who said he would clear it up, I told him good luck I have been trying for 6 years and had the paperwork to prove it. I thought he was going to have a stroke, I could have sued them. I then went and found all 77 counties represenative, the state senators and govenor Henry's e-mail address, and explained all that had happened. Put my phone number on it. Needless to say, I got my money back real quick the same lady from finance called me, asked me for my address, I told her to use the same one as last year and hung up. 3 days later I got a check in the mail.

    The first time I didnt presue legal course, because I just figure it was a typing error, and anyone can make a mistake. The second time I called a lawyer. I was told I could not sue the state of Oklahoma because I had to have a court order, telling DHS to quit messing with me. I asked how much this would be and the lawer told me 3000, to begin with. Now you can see why DHS cant get away with what ever they want. I wasnt going to pay that.

    Well I have news for them, next time it happens, and it will, believe me. I have them, and ther will be a big lawsuit. 3 weeks after this happened, I get a letter in the mail signed by Govenor Henry, stating that he had directed the director of DHS to personally look into this matter.:smile2:

    I keep looking forward to every tax year for a big refund!