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Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by channelcat_tracker, May 23, 2007.

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    On sunday, i went out turkey hunting by myself. It was about 430 in the morning when i set out. Around 5 it started picking up light. When i started calling, turkies lit up everywhere. And i thought i was in for it. Then, the turkies stopped for no reason, and the mosquitos picked up and my face looked so swollen with bites. I started to get bored and decided to give it five more minutes. Now this is where the action is. true story to and all you have to do is laugh, laugh and say bs, or say its true ok. I looked over about 10 feet to my left. oh position thats right, i was sitting at the edge of a cornfield with timber about 50 yards to my left and another open field 50 yards to my right with a giant pond 100 yards behind me. and i was sitting on a lone cherry tree. i looked over about 10 feet to my left when i heard grass wristling. I looked closer to see a 20 pound raccoon heading my way. Now im thinking OH NO!!! i stand up and whisper hey pssst psst get out of here. It grunts and runs at me. now im like wondering what do i do! i run back 10 yards and it climbs the tree. reactions told me to shoot which i did. which ended up a bad thing to do cuz i missed all three shots due to fear. When my gun was emptied and i had no bullets, i thought all was over. Then the coon climbs down to start chasing me! now im like well god dang it and im scared and i started to run. now im a coward. well i ran 800 yards back to my moped to find the coon 100 yards away and closing. true story. well, i started my moped and got the hell out of there. I now know to never go turkey hunting by myself EVER!!!!

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    haha thats funny... dont use a shotgun on a coon unless you have a dog cuz itll just make it mad most of the time lol.

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    i was shootin squirrells with my dog one time (20 gauge) and i shot what i thought was a squirrell. turned out to be a big ol' she coon. and she was pissed! that ol coon came flyin outa that tree like an upside down rocket. lucky for me my dog was pretty tough too.
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    [dude if u go by ur self take XTRA shells ya never know when ur gonna need them but good story
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    lol ya a shotgun will knock a coon down...but usually just make it mad..i prefer a .22 pistol, and shoot them sittin still with a hunk of steel(trap) on there foot lol. them things are dangerous i tell ya what, i had one who had it out for me bad, thats when i let my dog go HAHA.
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    your first name
    Them coons can get crazy on ya, thanks for the laugh.