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.....Reps to the first person to get THIS one right. The following people all have TWO things in common, one is that they're all dead.......what's the other one?

The Ramones
Ann Bancroft
Tito Puente
Chick Hearn
Bob Denver
Jack Lemon
Barry White
George Harrison
Johnny Carson
Audrey Meadows
Bob Hope
Joe C
Jim Varney
Lawrence Tierney
Johnny Cash
John Entwistle of The Who
Johnny Unitas
Rod Steiger
Linda McCartney
Paul Winfield
Rodney Dangerfield
George Plimpton
Stephen Jay Gould
Steve Allen
Werner Klemperer
Phil Hartman
Doris Grau
Ron Taylor
Isabel Sanford
Jonathan Melvion of The Smashing Pumpkins
Dennis Weaver
Tom Poston
James Brown
Robert Goulet

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Dont really know? one thing i know they have in common is they didnt get on the river as much as us. lol

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They were all legal Americans.
They were all Rich.
they were all Famous.
They were all Demarcates.
I bet they all slipped out a , " PMF" at the wrong time and place.:confused2:

Hit the air vent, strike a match.:bad_smelly:

And you need to get out more.:roll_eyes::big_smile:

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The Ramones is what finally gave it away for me. If it wasnt for them I wouldnt have made the connection. I should use our Pc ( in the kids room ) but I'm lazy and use our MSNTV2 ( webtv ). Dont ever get one, LOL, they do lock up and then you have to unplug the darn things to reset. Things like U-Tube are the worst for me.

Thanks for still looking out for me Barse ; )

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