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    look at the pic, then let me know what you think they are...
    A. the one on the left is dark brown, no 'v' notch in its tail, and now about 13 +/- inches long. I believe it to be a mudcat. I actually have 3 of these, and out of those 3, I have a mating pair...just don't know which 2 are the pair:tounge_out:
    B. the one on the right is like a light grey/blueish/silvery color, with a very distinct 'v' notch in its tail, and white barbels on its bottom lip. It too is about 13+/- inches long. I am not sure how many rays it has on the anal fin. this one is also the most aggressive one out of the bunch. Is it a blue, white, or channel?

    These are my babies, that live the life of never having to say "****!!! my lips!":eek:oooh:

    I am just curious, I truly am not sure what the one on the right is, and curiosity is getting me! Thanks!

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    Try and get a profile pic, I cant really tell from that one.

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    Yep.... You are going to need good side view. I had a site on the internet that showed the differences but I can't find it atm maybe someone else has the little pics on there computers. I have seen people paste them into posts before.