OK, Now what?

Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by Ictalurus Punctatus, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Ictalurus Punctatus

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    Greensboro, NC
    OK, the play-offs are set to go. Congrats if your team made it in. What about those of us whose teams didn't make it in? Well... Let's devote this thread to "arm chair GMing" What should your team do to make it to the post season next year?

    My Panthers:
    1. Release David Carr as Delhomme's back up. It looks as if Matt More can do the job.
    2. Release Drew Carter and Kerry Colbert and replace them with wide receivers who can catch the football. It'd also open up things for Steve Smith. Is it too late to get Keshawn Johnson back?
    3. Where'd the pass rush go? Looks like it might be time for some youth on the D line.
    4. A bruiser of a running back would be nice.

    Did I miss anything?
    How about your team?
  2. Little Luey

    Little Luey New Member

    Well, I really don't get to watch the Panthers a whole lot in my area, but I am not sure that David Carr is a starter QB. The one time I saw them on tv, the commentators were talking about him being more concern with his hair being in place, wasn't he also hurt this season?. I don't know if this is true or not; I do know he took a beating with the Texans and he may be scared now as a QB, seeing 300lbs guys running at him all the time would do that to the best of them.

    For my Bears, they need to get a RB, some O-line personal and I say they also need a WR, Muhammed is getting old and slow. the Bears need to spend a draft for the offensive side of the ball, they are ok on defence.

  3. MattShannon

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    Get some rythm, consitency, and play all 4 quarters. I see the Bills making a WC spot next year.
  4. bigwhiskers

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    Elon, North Ca
    Howdy Jon,
    It's true......we do need some help, but, "The Cats" are our team. We'll bounce back hopefully??????? Second choice: How 'bout dem Skins?
  5. Bazpro

    Bazpro New Member

    Yeah, how bout em'. Nothing like beating the Boyz to make the playoffs. They better draft a O-guard next year. Kendell isn't getting any younger.
  6. Dano

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    The CowBoys made it but we will see how the playoffs go.
    I think to improve the cowboys they should release the owner Jerry Jones and maybe TO. :tounge_out:
    O and at the games, keep Romo's girlfriends off the big screen LOL.:wink::smile2:

    FATFLATTIE New Member

    ILM, NC
    The Jets need to get some O-line help and they need a giant NT to clog the middle. I really believe that the rest of the team is alright. They need to get a slot reciever with some speed to open things up a little and maybe a good corner if one can be had to play across from Revis. I just think that the lines need a lot of work b/c after all that's where the game is played.
  8. Ictalurus Punctatus

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    Greensboro, NC
    I absolutely believe they can bounce back. I've heard different rumors in the local media that suggest John Fox might need to be worried about his job in Charlotte. Personally, I think that'd be a mistake. If anyone should be nervous, I'd fire a shot across the bow of Marty Hurney.

    I was a devout Redskins an until 1995. Now I refer to myself as a transplanted Redskins fan. Meaning, the only time I pull against the Redskins is when they play the Panthers. I really like them to go deep in the play-offs. Maybe even NFC championship game where I think they'll lose to Green Bay. The Redskins are my horse in this race though. Gonna be a fun ride.

  9. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Sarver, Pa
    Jessica Simpson is gonna bring the Cowboys down! Romo can't play when she is watching! :crazy: :eek:oooh: :smile2:
  10. floundahman

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    North Caro
    John, There's no guarantee that Delhomme can come back after his surgery. The Panthers may be in real trouble. How long will Steve Smith hang around if he doesn't get his hands on the ball? The defense certainly hasn't played to its ability. Some coaching (and front office) changes may be necessary. I don't believe that they should throw Fox under the bus though.

    As far as my team goes the Pats definitely need to do something about their aging linebacking corps. If the Pats win the superbowl, I could see Bruschi and Seau both retiring. Vrabel is no spring chicken either.
  11. ozzy

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    Lost Wages

    DANO, I'm still trying to figure what colors you fly??? I aint seen no ring on your finger yet, whats up with that?? Lot of this and lot of that but aint no dedication. :tounge_out::smile2::tounge_out::smile2::wink: