OK, I think I will buy an Eagle/ Lowrance this weekend...

Discussion in 'Fish Finder Review and Study' started by Palmetto, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Palmetto

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    I have read some of the B.O.C. advice giving props to the "FishMark" series. Is this the best bet?
    I have about $200 I think I can get away with spending, am I better off to try for a higher-end used one, or a new unit in my price-range?

    What features other than showing the arches and marking fish am I concerned about? (Is there one that will make 'em bite? :wink: )

    Thanks for the advice, brothers- I have never had any sonar before, been fishing "blind" for 40 yrs. now.... except in some ponds where I could see all the fish. ;)


    Darren (Palmetto Cat-Smacker!)
  2. Bill in SC

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    The Eagle 320 Fishmark is great little unit to learn on. It has a decent graphic display, and marks fish real good. It's about a $150/$160 unit. I finally got the money to upgrade to a color/gps Eagle 502c unit and the button layout is the same as the 320. In other words, when you finally upgrade, you won't be in unfamiliar territory with the operation of the upgrade. I highly recommend both units. BTW: With the 320 unit, you can set it to fish symbols, rather than arches, as you get used to the unit. After a short while you can switch it to arches and compare the two settings. before long you will only use the arches. An no, there's not a unit that can catch 'em for ya, but they can surely tell you where they are.

    Bill in SC
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  3. Cgoyette

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    Strongly sugest you wait till you can get one with GPS. GPS has changed the way we fish and how fast we can get to productive waters. I have over 2000 marked points covering 1500 miles of coast and inland lakes. It is just a great way to fish.

    When you find a set of stumps or a drop and its clearly diiferant than its surroundings you mark the spot fish it and if its good change the symbol to a fish (this is my MO) you can set a way point and go diectly to the spot (you have to avoid stumps :) )but you get the picture I am sure.

    as for type eagle and lowrance are about the same eagle is cheaper and usually dosent have some of teh features the lowrace of comperable size has.

    I have a 113 HD on my pontoon a tad much I know but I hated my 330C two small to dual map and really see what is going on. Truly belive teh 26 modles are about right in size.

    One note to remember on lowrance they will fix one for a flate fee that seems resonable so if you bought a used one and it went on the blink you you get it fixed fairly cheap.

    However the GPS antennas are exspensive and they dont fix them you have to buy a new one if its bad (300 bucks)


    ebay might be a great way to get a decent unit but ensure it has al the cables they get expensive.
  4. nevets91

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    i have the 320 right now and i have no problems with it. i have used some other more expensive sonars on other boats and the only reason i would wannna spend more on one is to get one with gps. and even when i do that ill put the 320 in the front to replace my crappy Cuda(dont get one i hate it) but the 320 is the way to go for the price
  5. AwShucks

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    To each his own. I have 3 of the crappy Cuda's, and I personally like them. I am looking to upgrade to something with GPS, but I imagine those Cudas will still go fishing with me a whole lot.