Ok, I Bought A Used Boat...

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by WylieCat, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. WylieCat

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    I finally bought me a used center console fishing boat. No more mixing the family pontoon with fishing!!! LOL!!

    It is a 1979 McKee Craft 18 footer with a 200hp Mercury 1994 model motor on the back. The engine was recently rebuilt and has about 20 hours, it came with a brand new 40lb. Minn Kota trolling motor, a depthfinder, and 8 driftmaster rod holders, a 20 gallon bait tank, bimini top, and the trailer.

    My first boat was bougt brand new and I swore I would never buy a brand new boat because of the mark-up. The down side is that I have the personal "break-in period" with the used one where I am nervous about everything!!! LOL!! I took it out with the owner before I bought it and it ran fine.

    Last night the wife and I took it out and did it the hard way. We did EVERYTHING you should NOT do with a new boat!! We took an unfamiliar boat out on unfamiliar water at night!! LOL!! Launch was good, and it cranked up on the first turn of the key.


    We stopped and fished a while, and the wife laned the boats first fish!! A nice 6 pound channel. When we decided to change locations it would not crank. I realized I probably flooded the engine out when I shut it down right after slowing down, and it was then that I realized that the throttle was different than the one I am accustomed to on my pontoon and I could not figure out how to throttle it up out of gear. Finally I realized what that metal lever was for and it cranked right up.

    Anyway, enough with my excitement. Does anyone know anything about these Mckee Crafts? I have heard they are good boats and along the same line as the Boston Whalers. Is 200hp too much power on an 18 foot boat? After being in a pontoon that needs 5000hp to do 17mph, cruising at 30 mph at 4000 rpms seems NUTS!!!

    Feedback is welcome!!
  2. ears

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    Congrats mckee builds nice boats. They are foam filled unsinkable like a whaler but the bigger ones have more deadrise, dont know about the 18. 200 hp on an 18 should fly it may be over the hullls rated limit though. Some insurance companies may not insure it if so you might check to make sure.

  3. shortshank

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    Congratulations on your New to you boat! Sounds like a honey. Got a lot of good stuff to go with it too. Now that labor of love begins, put stuff the way you want, where you want. I'm not one to start trouble but that "break-in" first trip out thing, I not sure mother was supposed to catch the first keeper?? Being a new boat and all I understand. Pretty Slick on your part!
  4. Bobpaul

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    Supply NC
    Mckee still builds boats here in SE NC. They've always built a good boat, but I doubt they ever built an 18' that's designed for a 200 hp.

    Angus Mckee still water tests their new designs of boats here in the Holden Beach area. The last one I worked on was built for the US Navy for inshore patrol. Mr Mckee brought it in after the break in period for service before turning it over to the Navy.
  5. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    congrates on the new boat wyliecat. i glad you got a 20 gallon bait tank instead of a gas 20 gal gas tank. no more of the take the gas tank out and have it filled kind of thing. just kidding. i went fishing the other day filled the truck up and the boat cost me 168.00 and the boat was half full. i am a mercury man myself. that boat should run 50-55mph at full trottle. always good to take the wife along on the first trip. hope you enjoy it.
  6. youngun

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    congrats on your boat!
  7. copycat

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    Congrats, Mckee craft boats are just like the Whalers and have been around for many years. Lot of them in the north east.