Ok heres some of my pics

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  1. richard dunbar

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    My friend Miguel with his monster trout caught in Co, and my Alaska salmon and 11 mile canyon Co Brown trout

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  2. pk_powell

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    Great pics man,seein you with that Alaskan Salmon reminds me of a show I seen this morning "Man versus Wild" This dude is stranded in Alaska and he's trying to show folks how to survive out in the wild if you're stranded. Well he comes upon this stream thats loaded with huge salmon,since he's stranded no fishing tackle he proceeds to show how you can take a young tree down with your knife and turn into a spear.After several attemps he finally catches a good sized fish,and he proceeds to show how you can eat it raw.He's taking huge bites out of skin and all and oh how yummy it was.It was so good for ya loaded with healthy fat and good protein.Alaskans eat Sushi all the time and personally to me Sushi is delicious I love it,that is if it's been soakin in lemon juice for awhile. I don't fancy myself catchin a Salmon from a stream and proceeding to eat right there on the spot,no matter how yummy it is!!:0a30:

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    I think the fish in the first picture might break the world record. Not that I can tell what species it is by looking at it, or if you would weigh it in ounces or milligrams. The others are awesome.