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    Ok I admitt it,I can't figure out squat on hartwell.Me and my fishing partner have been fishing friday and saturday night for the past six weeks and can't catch enough for even one fish fry.We have fished points,humps,drop offs,deep banks,shallow do nothing banks,even tried the 500 dollar hole,and still maybe a small channel here or there.We have used live cut bluebacks and also used them live.We have also used live and cut bream.We have fished keowee river,12 mile,seneca creek,martin creek,cherry crossing,coal pile,and many points--still no luck.I am not asking for your honey hole,I just want to know how deep are the catfish?Would like to catch blues and flatheads,but will take any advice or tips anyone will give me.I also have another question,they have been pulling water [hartwell dam] just about every day for the last 5 weeks or so during the day around 10:00 am till 8 or 9 pm,does this effect the fish?Are they eating all day and not biting at night? If some of you will just tell me how deep the fish are and if they are on the main lake or in the creeks i would appreciate it greatly.
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    Take your cut bait and soak it in Cod Liver Oil. I've been getting cats lately using this and catching more than the rest of the people I am fishing with. Just got in from fishing and caught one 4 lber and one 3.5 lb channels. Other guy had cut that he let sit out in the sun and spoil but he never got a bite.

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    Keep trying brother there are fish there. Have you asked around at the bait shops in your area? Thats always a good local source of info for any body of water.
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    If you can , fish while the water is flowing. the current usually triggers the bite.
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    Stay out of the creeks, we haven't caught a thing up any creeks on hartwell in the last month, everybody's been catching them in the main body of water. We caught 3 flatheads tonight in about 15 to 30ft deep on cut herring and one on a bream. They should turn on up the keowee river soon, but we've fished it every week for the last month with out a flathead. Last year, in august, we'd catch 4 or 5 flatheads everytime we went up there. It just needs a lil more time.