Ok a little help here how do you cook a turtle

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    ok i have a question, how do you prep and cook a turtle? I never done turtle before and would like try to make some turtle soup. I have deep fried turtle while on vacation in Fla, Where i fish one area holds tons of good size turtles and my son loves catching them, Thanks Jeff
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    Im kinda curiouse also,hope someone has some good info?

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    Jeff, not sure what kinds of turtles you will be using, but cats4uandme has a thread in the BOC Diner called "Snapper From Field to Table - Illustrated". Surely the cleaning/prep process can't be that different? His recipe calls for frying the turtle pieces, then cooking them in a crock pot with added ingredients....so it isn't soup.

    However, in the BOC Member Cookbook under the heading "Other Fish" you will find a recipe for turtle soup on page 6.
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    As far as cleaning turtles it will depend on what kind. Soft shells are a little different to dress out then common snappers. Ive only dressed one alligator snapper as they are protected in myhome state Illinois. To be honest i quit killing softshells, never got enough meat off of one to justify killin them and the mess. Turtle meat has to be cooked slow no matter the recipe or species. One thing I do thats my decision only, I never kill snappers till after July 1st so the females can lay their eggs. Anyone know how to absolutely tell males from females? I had several people try to tell me what we had and after we killed the turtles they had some eggs. On the rare occasion we kill a female with eggs we take the eggs out and burry them in the sand and stake chicken wire down over them to try and keep the coons etc out of'em till they can hatch. Let me know if you still need help with dressin snappers after all the helpful posts. I know a few tricks to make it easier to dress them.
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    Dredge in flower and galic powder, salt and pepper. Fry in skillet until golden brown. Lay in baking pan and add 1/2 inch water in the bottom. Cover with foil tightly. Cook for 20 min. at 500 degrees, lower heat to 400 for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Keep checking to add more water, DONT LET IT GO DRY. Will fall off the bone. Believe me these instructions came from my wife, and she cooks some mean snapper! She can make any wild critter taste good and make it tender. Lucky for me she grew up eatin' all gods critters.
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    Thanks Bud,my wife won't try any little critters. Well I guess that leaves more for me.:smile2:
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    Jeremy has a great step by step artical with pic's in the BOC libary
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    Yeah what every one else is saying go look at jeremys post. Only problem I have with them is I like to keep the heads as well as the shell and the only way I can get that head out far enough to remove it is to put a hay hook in there mouth and put it out their bottom jaw. Then I have no problem with the head.
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    This was originally a dove recipe but it makes an outstanding turtle stew, and I’ve even used chunks of beef and it makes an excellent beef stew (it just doesn't have to cook as long as turtle). .

    This is not exact, you have to wing it and use some S.W.A.G. here:

    Remove all fat from turtle pieces (very important)

    Roll turtle in mixture of flour, s & p; fry until brown

    You can use the oven at 350 or an electric skillet or cooker; steam (covered) in a little water till meat is loose (about an hr)

    Add your veggies; celery, green pepper, blk or hot pepper, diced tomatoes, onions, carrots, and…….

    One can of cream of mushroom soup (w/ water added if the can instructions call for it) per turtle.

    Simmer for about 2-3 hrs. Finish seasoning to taste.

    Try this recipe with other meats too, you’ll like it