Ok..a little Dyslexic on the drag and brake...which way do I turn to tightin ro

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  1. LadyValea1

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    Ok, I forget on my Ambassadeur 6500 the star looking drag...which way do I turn it to tighten or to get it loose.
    I remember "Righty tighty" "Lefty Loosey" Is there an easy way to remember the way? sometimes, I'm crazy with a fish...I forget which way to move the drag...till my handle is moving but the reel line is dragging out to sea...then I get a duh, duh, duh, I've got to move it the other way.....eeeekkk:crazy: same with the brake...on calm days ...i move it one way...and sppppinnnning birdy nest ...and I think..oh the other way...duh duh duh....
  2. Doctor

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    To tighten the drag you turn the star looking drag thing the same as the handle when your crankin in a fish, too lossen it just backwards the way the handle will not turn, my wife had the same trouble till I showed her this same thing............Doc

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    Another way to remember is PUSH/PULL...Push forward with your thumb to tighten the star drag, pull backwards with your thumb to loosen it. Be sure not to set it too tight or some big ol' cat will break the line. Some people loosen the drag when through fishing. They say it helps the drag washers last longer. I don't know, but do it any way.
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    Stick with the "righty tighty" and "lefty loosey" and you can't go wrong.
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    That is how I remember everthing related to it. Good luck with it.