oiling mold hinges and pins?

Discussion in 'Sinker Making Institute' started by Catfishboy1995, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Catfishboy1995

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    Wat do you guys oile you mold hinges and pins with?I hew light weight motor oil 20w or 30w..and im lost on the pins..Thanks in advance..
  2. Jeremy Sheffey

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    ive just been using WD-40 and some reel oil. you have to oil them often according to the direction, and when i feel them start sticking a little ill throw some oil on them. im new to this, so i could be doing it wrong myself.

  3. Welder

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    I used to use any kind of spray oil WD40 ect. I now use spray silicone dry lube on all of my molds
  4. Dirtdobber

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    I keep a little oil can close to my work bench where I pour lead and put a drop on the hinges when I start and then as needed. I have an oily rag I rub the pin for my egg sinkers on. When I finish with the molds I let them cool down then oil them and hang them up.
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  5. playin4funami

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    I have an oil can with 30 wt. motor oil for the hinges,so I can just put a drop on them,I use the heck out of some spray on anti-splatter/nozzle sheild welding spray on the pins and mold faces themselves,it's sold in welding supplies to keep hot metal from sticking where you don't want it when welding, and it is the bomb-diggity on sinker molds and pins,pins slide right out,and the sinkers just fall right out of the molds when you turn them upside down,one can lasts a long time,I also started spraying some on my metal work surface to keep the splatters from sticking and the clean up easy,it has not harmed any of my molds,great stuff,tryed it on the hinges too but they need the heavier oil.