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    I've been running Pennzoil synthetic blend oil in an '88' Suzuki 15HP outboard, I normally like to stick with one kind of oil and not change but I could not find the synthetic blend so I had to buy the Pennzoil 100% synthetic. The question I have is; does it hurt if you swap oils, what is your opinion?
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    Welcome to the BOC.....

    I've never had any oil related failures in any motor,, as long as the oil was of some quality, and not real dirty or old...
    Important to use an oil rated for the job you want it to perform.
    My experience with synthetic oil has been positive,, I've tried several in my pick-up motors, Hot Rodded V-Twin motorcycle engines-(4 stroke), manual transmissions, and a couple differentials,,,I've also, gone from synthetic back to reg. oil, with no problems,, and then back to syn,,,
    Only down side, I've ever found,,, is synthetic oil will find a place to come out of faster than standard oil,,,, ie, if a gasket surface needs to be re-torqued, or like a seal around a shaft that's a bit worn, may allow a slight seepage of synthetic to weep out,,,
    Otherwise, I've got my favorites,, but, I wouldn't be afraid to do what you're asking about,, as I believe your moving up the performance chain..in the oil choices you mentioned.

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    It wont hurt a thing providing you use a quality oil rated for your outboard. In my car and truck i'm a little "superstitious" about changing oils all the time. I pick an oil and stick with it. This is just me, but I know it will not hurt anything to change.

    Case in point......wife's car had to have intake gaskets put in under warranty. This required an oil change, and the dealer used whatever they had in stock. I run Mobil1 in it, but i do not trust anybody other than myself to put the Mobil1 in. I'm afraid they'll steal my Mobil and put whatever in instead. No ill effects from using different oil and its time to change it, so i'll switch back.
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    The problems arise when you start mixing different types of oils. As for 2 stroke oil The synthetic will not hurt a thing and if it is a 4 stroke it won't hurt anything either.
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    when i switched to pensoil full synthetic , i noticed a little more smoke at idle but my spark plug life doubled and its better on the envierment .