1. kickersdad

    kickersdad New Member

    Has anyone ever herd of fishing with an oil line?
    I met a man in Wal-mart, That told me he fished an oil line.
    The way he said he was fishing, Was in 60 ft. of water and tieing his hooks
    three foot a part and fishing vertical.
  2. catgetter1

    catgetter1 New Member

    Sounds like a vertical trotline, never heard of it. But can you imagin what it would be like ta try ta land a couple of fish, b/w the hooks flinging around and the fish pullin sounds like you would eventually end up hooked yourself. I'll stick ta my r-r's and noodles thank you. Be interesting ta watch someone else do it

  3. kickersdad

    kickersdad New Member

    Thats what i was thinking, I'm 61 years old never heard of it.
    One of my fishing buddies said his dad fished one with no bait and
    hooks six inches apart, Fish got hooked or snaged.
    I won't be trying it. just though it was odd.
    thanks for the input.
    tight lines, Kickersdad.