Oil Injection

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by turnerchop5, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. turnerchop5

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    Should I keep it or not ? 94 Mercury 40 hp. Why is it benificial to remove it. I just thought Mercury made it that way for a reason. If removing it yourself , how difficult.
  2. psychomekanik

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    I wont advise you either way. But, I know some mercury's had a problem with a plastic gear driving the pump stripping off. I'm pretty sure there's a sound alarm if that happens. correct me if I'm not right Bob, Or bubba...I have a 97 40 horse, and if I have any problems I'll be premixing. I always keep a small bottle of oil in my boat in case it fails and I have to mix it right there.

  3. Bubbakat

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    If it will make you feel better by not running it then go that way. Once a year I empty my oil tank and clean it out right along with the complete oiling system. The idea behind the VRO was to add oil to the fuel in the amount needed at that given time. Idling in a no wake zone if trolling would use less oil then at wot.
    I have a 100 horse merc on my pon toon and it still has the oiler and it will stay until I feel it is useless to me then I will remove it which isn't a big chore within itself. Learn your system and make sure all the alarms are working and when one goes off find out why. I have had people tell me that the dang VRO went out and toasted my power head. I ask what when where. Across the lake maybe 5 miles the alarm went off and I wanted to get to my hole which is another mile or so and when we finished we cranked up and no alarm until we went to wot so I went ahead and got back to the Dock. Well by then it is toast. Idling a motor without oil is just as bad as running at wot. Just one is quicker then the other.