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  1. BIG_D

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    Batchtown IL.
    how much oil do i need to add to gas for a 1974 6hp evinrud
  2. ~Austin~

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    You can probably find something on google. Most small outboards are 50:1.​

  3. Colsrob

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    Yeah, generally you would add 3-4ozs of oil per gallon.

    Just in case: Have you tried using AMS 2 cycle oil? A friend of mine used it once, on advice of a friend/distributer, and he instantly gained 2 mph on his 35hp Johnson. It's strange, but you could actually hear the difference in the rpm's. The AMS oil helps eliminate more friction than most others do. Plus, for 1 small bottle of AMS oil, you can do 6gals of gas...and it doesn't matter what you want to use it in, it will work in them all. From 10:1 ratio, all the way up to 100:1.

    If you can find it, I highly recommend it. I used to buy it by the cases for my landscaping equipment.
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    Mix it with any good TCW-3 marine grade oil and mix it 50:1 That is 16oz to 6 gal of fuel 87 octane will work fine. Do a search on here and the chart break down in posted on the repair section. I use to have it booked mark but must have lost it during one of my crashes.
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    I have a book, I bought from ebay, Outboard Motor Service Manual; Vol.1.
    Page 285 starts covering Evinrude and Johnson 6 hp. 1969-1979. (Covers a hole bunch of others also, including my 5 hp Ward's Sea King.)

    On page 286, under the Lubrication heading, the sentence reads: "The power head is lubricated by mixing oil with fuel. Recommended oil is BIA certified TC-W outboard oil mixed with fuel at a ratio of 50:1. Recommended fuel is lead free or low lead gasoline with octane rating on pump greater than 85 octane."

    Hope this helps.
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    Here is a link someone posted a while back. It will tell you how much to mix depending on the amount of gas you have and the ratio you need. The 50:1 ratio is what most use for their 2 strokes.
    I bought a small plastic bottle from Wal-Mart that has the ratio mix to gallons on it. I just pour in the oil up to the line that matches the amount of gas I am mixing it in with and then just add it to my gas tank. I have that little bottle stored on my boat right next to my gas tank and funnel. Hope this helps.. It sure makes it simple for me. :big_smile: