Ohio Trappers-NTA meet

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  1. beetle

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    Just wondering if anyone was going to make it there July 30-Aug 2. I know I'm going for sure just don't know what day yet. I guess I should say any BOC people going to be there?...not just Ohio people.
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  2. RetiredToFish

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    Newark, Ohio
    I will be there Roger. I will there Thursday thru Sunday. I know I will hanging out part of the time at several different places. Dobbin's booth, M & P Booth, & possibly Schmitt's Booth.

    I am hopefully going to be able to sell a bunch of my books while I am there and buying a bunch crap that I don't need. Really I will be buying a bunch of replacement parts so I can over haul some of my traps, some boards, a few more traps, snare making supplies and other misc. equipment and supplies.

    Friday night the people from Trapperman are having a big cook out some place there ... expecting 300 or more people come join in on the fun. They are even roasting a whole hog ...

    If you spot me, make yourself known ...

    See you there ........ Garry-