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    Went to the ohio river sunday took my 6 year old nephew.Boy did his eyes open wide when he first saw her.He said gosh this is way much bigger than green river lake.Well as i unloaded the boat i slipped on the slick moss and got wet he laughed and laughed.I don't know what it is but it seems like the more pain and suffering i go through the happier he is.We fished a little rode around alot and had a blast.As i was ridding back up thr river he layed down on the floor useing the through cushion as a pillow and went to dreamland.I had wore him out victory was mine.When we arrived back at the boat ramp he lifted up his little head and said this was way to much fun are we going again next week.It was then i realized there was no victory he was just getting his second wind.I got a fishing buddy for the rest of my life as i said we sure will.As i loaded the boat up i slipped in the good ole moss and got wet again again he laughed and laughed as i had one shoe soaking wet while the other one is still dry.On the way home he said again this was way to much fun you fell in and got your shoe wet as he laughed and laughed.(BY THE WAY WE NEVER CAUGHT ANY FISH.)I learned just because you don't catched a fish does'nt mean to much to a kid they will still have fun just being with you.GOD BLESS THEM ALL.
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    Memories that will never be forgotten !!!!! Great story of your trip !!!

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    i usually take my boys when i go fishing ... even though we always fish from the bank ...they always have fun .... usually they out fish me lol.... i will usually hook the fish and let them real it in. they are 7 and 3 yo.
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    its true there is nothing better then getting a kid out of the house away from this pc or the tv i try to take my kids as much as i can
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    Great story thanks for sharing!:big_smile:
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    Always take the kids if you can.You just might learn something:wink:
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    When my granddaughter comes to visit, the first thing she wants to see is the River. she has a little stool by the window so she can watch it until I take her down to the beach. She is as much a River Rat as her Grandma and will get her own fishing rod and reel for Xmas. Making memories are as much fun for the adults as for the kids.