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Discussion in 'LOCAL INDIANA TALK' started by diver268, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. diver268

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    My friend and I are planning on going Bass Pro this weekend in Cincinnati. We are planning on the way back to fish the Indiana side of the Ohio River. I was wondering if anyone knows of anyplace to do some good shore fishing around that area. I am not asking for anyones secret "honey holes" .Any help would be appreciated.
  2. SkiMax

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    Rising Sun, IN
    where about are you fishing and what size, kind of fish are you fishing for? i know of a few around the Rising Sun area and the mouth of Tanners Creek in Lawerenceburg is a good spot (a hop, skip and a jump of I-275).

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    Bedford, Kentucky
    Diver, the Indiana side of Markland Dam has some excellent shore fishing. I don't know how far you will be traveling down river, but if it is by Vevay I would definately give Markland a shot. Also there are some steps at the park there that has some good fishing. Personally I like to "rough it" and fish out of the lot at the Cinergy plant. This area puts you right in the turbines and in the current when the river is at pool stage. Vern