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    I'm wondering if any of you fish the lower Ohio River from Cario north to Brookport?

    My son and I fished the Mound City area two days and one night last week and had a great experience. Caught the largest channel I've ever caught on Lucky 7 from Catfish Connection. 20# to be exact. Got one heck of an education from the locals fishing along the river as well. Those guys take most any commercial stink bait (Sonny's, Premo etc.) and mix cattail into it till it is extremely thick. Then roll a ball onto a very small (#4 I think) trebble hook. Thats what I caught the big one on. Using 4 ounces of weight on the end of the line, tie a loop into the line about a a foot from the bottom and run the end of the loop through the eye of the hook and loop it around the hook. It worked like a charm. Even the large buffalo were biting it as well, saw several in the 25# range caught on Friday. The fish bit best after dark.
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    My dad has used cattail in his stinkbait for over 50 yrs and work great on the Illinois river catfish love cattail.