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    Well i guess the river is really rolling along.Guess i will try and put up some Christmas lights today.I know they are all tangled up sort of what you get when learning how to cast out that open faced reel.{I always called that a bird nest effect]I babysit my 6 year old nephew Ben almost every weekend so i do have a little helper.I have to keep him busy or he will transform into a PowerRanger or the Hulk.(There are many more)All it takes is for him to find a good enough stick then all you here is the sound effects of the transformation.And to think they want to put kids on some sort of medication for being over active.I think we all had a superhero or something along those lines growing up.Mine was UltraMan anyone remember that show?Want to try and get up to the Ohio River soon but the weatherman is calling for a few days of rain so please keep me posted on river conditions fellow members.Thanks Thanks Thanks.
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    your first name
    I havent been to the river in far too long, I miss it. :sad2: I watch my little nephews from time to time and love watching them transform into the ninja turtles or the generic monster. Heck sometimes I transform too. They lose it for an hour or two and then they are back to "normal".