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  1. Desode

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    Well, its been a long dry spell on my part of the ohio river, but tonight it started to turn around. Things have been so slow for the last month and a half, and I wasn't expecting much tonight. No action at all untill 11 pm and then it just started raining catfish till 1 am. I wish it was raining Flatheads but it was such a productive night I can't bitch. We caught 31 channel cat tonight and they were all over 20 inchs, the biggest was 28 inchs.

    I pulled out the win against my friend with 18 cats and he had 13. I also had what I believe was a big Flathead break 30 pd test like it was thread. One of those deals where when he decided he was done playing he just went home and there was no stopping him. I'll get him next time though.
    We caught 90% of them on shrimp and the rest on shinners, in 10 to 18 ft water.

    I would say that half of them were males and they were beat up pretty good. Lots of battle scars and wounds all over. I figured that they would have already been done and out of spawn a while back, yet all these beat up warriors of the deep are making me wonder ? Last couple of years they have spawned around the 2nd week of june. I'm wondering if they didn't spawn till later this year ? I haven't been up on the water temp this year like I am most of the time. If any of you guys have any info or opinions on this let me know.

    Still I have to say it was a blast for the 2 hrs they were bitting tonight, Well, I'm pumped now and I know its only going to get better from here on out ! To all my BOC ohio river guys that have been hanging in there through the slow fishing over the last month, get ready cause its picking up again , THANK GOD ! :smile2:
    Matt , AKA DESODE

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  2. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    Congrats on a great night of catching channel catfish :wink: Not just fishing for them. Too bad you didn't catch any flathead catfish.................... maybe next time. Congrats again on a great night

  3. hunted

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    washington court house,oh
    congrats on the fish
  4. OhioRiverCatfisher

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    West Virginia
    Matt, glad to hear things are picking up around here. Sounds like you did have some fun last night. Thanks for the report and maybe I will see ya at the river sometime in the future. If you happen to see me be sure to say HI, I will do the same if I see you...
  5. Netmanjack

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    Thanks for the update Matt. Now get across that river! lol:wink:
  6. Garrett Cope

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    Columbus Ohio
    Nice fish,Matt. Glad things are picking up on the river. I've been meaning to make a trip down your way soon and i definitely want to wet some lines while i'm back in the valley. I'm originally from Bellaire and i have family in Bridgeport and Rayland so if you know any good spots i'm all ears brother.
  7. beetle

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    Congratulations Matt! You did way better than me, I got skunked sat. night. I was fishing the river down by the Indy line. The water temp when I started fishing was 80-82 and by morning it had dropped to 77-78 in the part of the Ohio river I was fishing.
  8. firechief4201

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    Catlettsburg, Kentucky
    Congrats on your trip.:wink: We fished the Ohio and no luck.:sad2: Fished from 5pm to 3am.:eek:oooh:
  9. david.lay25

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    congrats hope it turns around for me soon.