Ohio River report 7/16-17-18-19

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    Let me start by saying yes that is four days in a row, yes I am addicted and yes I realize I have a problem. Now on to the fishing report!

    7/16 - Fishing was SLOW. Couldn't catch shad to save my life and I'm not sure if it would have mattered. I did catch 3 shad by the end of the night. I had maybe one or two runs the entire night. Tried drifting, open water with bottom changes, visible structure and no fish at all.

    7/17 - Figured I would give it another shot and it started the same. Barely could get any shad and the bite was very slow. No fish drifting, nothing on visible structures, nothing anchored. This night had wind gusts of 20+ MPH going UP river with white caps rolling against the current. Not fun and fishing was tough. I found an area on the GMR hidden from the wind and anchored up and sat there until the conditions improved. Night hit and some shad were jumping so I filled the cooler up with shad! Around 1:00 am I was ready to give up for my second skunking in a row and figured I would fish a creek mouth. Thank goodness I did because the fishing was good! I finally decided to try smaller baits and cut everything down to the size of a quarter and the fish liked it. Ended up with 5 fish channels and flats from about 5-9LBs.

    7/18 - Fished a tourny with Golden at Rising Sun. Fishing was slow after dark but we managed to get a limit in the boat before it turned off. We limited on channels which was my plan. After the last two nights I figured that fishing would be slow and I should work on getting 5 fish then fish for larger ones. It worked we came in third place. Was a fun night fishing with some BOC brothers.

    7/19 - I had bait leftover and was too tired to clean the boat out the night before so I figured why not try one more time. Launched at Tanner's and ran up the creek mouth I had luck at the other night. Threw out live baits and cut shad. Had a big run on live bait went to set the hook and nothing. Then my cut shad starts going and a GAR comes in with it .. time to move! I figured I would try to drift a section I had luck at last week. Cut shad was the bait of choice and the fishing was getting good. I didn't end up with anything huge but there was not end to the 7-10LB fish. The largest of the night was a blue around 15 or so. I caught at least a dozen and even had a triple hookup! Lots of blues and channels to be caught. There were caught drifting in 20', 35', 45' and 55'.

    Overall it was a great four days of fishing. We had some recent weather changes and it was pretty cold for this time of year. I think the weather threw off the fish. By Sunday I think they had settled down a bit. Fishing should be great by next weekend see you out on the water.
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    Looks like you had 4 enjoyable evenings. Thanks for the report. I hope to fish in that area soon.

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    You must have had a good four days of fishing there for sure. Nothing like getting away from all the interferences to go fishing. Then to go an catch some fish makes it even more interesting. Congrats on the catch. Thanks for the post an updates.
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    Congrats on some good fishing! Good luck in the future