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I made my second adventure on the Ohio River Friday night. We put in at Frederick's landing and boated all the way down to Hebron and worked our way back into downtown Cincinnati. We fished from about 630p until 4am with not much luck. We tried about 5 or 6 different spots and never got a real cat run. We did catch a sageye (not sure on the spelling) and a nice 7lb pound striper (or striped bass of some kind, they all look alike to me). It was a frustrating night. We fully expected to catch some cats. We figured the river had a nice flow to it and the shovels would still be in a prespawn feeding frenzy. Even though the fishing was not very active or good, I still had a pretty good time on the boat. Assuming the river stays in shape I think we are planning to get back out there next weekend with much better results.
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