Ohio River near Rising Sun, IN?

Discussion in 'INDIANA RIVERS TALK' started by RamRod, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. RamRod

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    Anybody fishing this area? I plan on attending the tournament there in September but never fished the area before. Was wondering if you guys could give me some tips on where to catch some bait and how the fishing has been in general. Any good locations your willing to share with me would be greatly appreciated. Also is there any warm water discharges close by for bait as well?
  2. IndyCatGuy

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    Greensburg, IN
    I fished last night upstream from there near Aurora and even though we only caught 3 fish, I lost about a 60lb flathead right at the boat as it was getting ready to go in the net. :sad2: For bait, you could probably go up in Arnold's Creek and cast net shad. I have caught a ton right off the ramp there. Hope this helps and good luck.


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    Yeah you should find plenty of shad up arnolds creek. As far as fish they are everywhere just gotta look around, good luck.
  4. Flootie16

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    yeah right below rising sun is arnolds creek and has a very accessible ramp and shad are almost always ALWAYS plentiful in there. as for discharges there are none by rising sun. there is a deeper creek just below arnolds called grants. and it normally holds tons of shad as well. as well as some bluegill. and if you are wanting skipjack you might want to come down the night before and go down below markland dam and try down there on the indiana side in the power generated water. it normally holds skipjack pretty good. was actually down there last night and got quite a few skippies
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    Rising Sun,IN
    The bait situation is usually plentiful in all the creeks. Here lately, Ive found the bigger shad have moved out into the river. If you can see them on the surface you can easily net as many as needed. The creeks are stacked with tons of smaller shad, too small to use in my opinion. I havent been out for a few days so things may have changed but without any rain to cool the shallow backwater, I highly doubt it. As far as the general area, its good deep water that holds good fish. Just put what you know to work in this area and you should do ok. Look forward to seeing you there. Ross